Romain Grisius, born in Luxembourg, travelled thousands of miles to some of the remotest wilderness regions on earth to capture with his camera the magnificence of the natural world.

  • He has crossed the vast African plains to record the wonder of its bounteous wildlife.
  • In the Virunga mountains in Rwanda, he photographed one of the rarest mammals on earth, the mountain gorillas.
  • Close to the South African coast, he has looked into the jaws of the Great White Sharks and has documented their hunting behaviour.
  • In the Mahale mountains of Tanzania he photographed one of the last wild groups of chimpanzees.
  • In India he has come face to face with the mighty tiger, the most royal of all big cats.
  • He travelled to the icy world of Antarctica and even drove to South Georgia to photograph the King Penguins.



The tiger has become my favourite animal. Finding tigers is still far from easy. Days, even weeks, can pass without so much as a glimpse of a cat. Patience is a pre-requisite when searching for predators and the waiting – while agonising at times – is an essential part of the process.
For when it eventually comes, an encounter with a wild tiger – on its own terms, in its own landscape – is one of the most exhilarating experiences on earth. It is like a dream.

Romain Grisius

With his collection of breathtaking photographs, Romain Grisius pays homage to the truly wild. Simultaneously reminding us all of our custodianship of the Earth and the urgency to preserve its creatures.

In 1997, one of his pictures got “ Highly Commended “ at the famous
“ BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year “ Contest in London.

His pictures are regularly published in magazines and books.